Pure. Clean. Sky.
In A Bottle

Bottled At Altitude brings you a piece of pure English sky unique to you, naturally sourced and bottled in freefall by an expert skydiver falling at 160mph from 13,000ft

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Your Unique Piece of Sky

Your bottle contains more than just the clean, untouched air which sits at over 2 ½ miles (4km) above the pure British countryside. We believe each bottle captures the fearlessness and courage that go into filling it.

The very limited nature of orders makes each bottle a very exclusive item!

Bottles are made on-demand and are unique to you. Once an order is placed it goes into a queue to be bottled at the next available opportunity.

Due to a number of limiting factors such as weather and availability, orders are usually only bottled on weekends between the months of March - November. Each bottle is carefully filled by a specially selected expert skydiver.

Each bottle comes beautifully presented, with a label of authenticity signed by the bottler. To guarantee authenticity the filling of each unique bottle is captured by a head-camera on the bottler and along with your bottle you will also receive a link to view the video of your bottle being filled.

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Order Process

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Bottling Queue

Your order will be placed in the filling queue and once it reaches the front it will be filled on the next available jumping weekend.

Bottling Jump

Your bottle will be taken up by light aircraft to an altitude of around 13,000ft where the bottler will then jump out with it, accelerating in a head-down freefall position up to a speed of around 160mph. Your bottle will be filled with pure, clean air before the bottler releases their parachute.

Post Out

After the bottling skydive, your bottle is carefully tagged with a certificate of authenticity, packaged and sent to your address along with a link to the bottling video.

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Beyond the Bottle

Here at Bottled At Altitude we can do more than just provide the freshest of air from the pure, clean sky. Our masterful skills as skydiving bottle fillers can translate into helping your brand or campaign get the sky-high boost it needs!

We can work with you on anything from getting your product or message into the sky, to working as stunt doubles for film scenes. If you have an idea, we can make it happen. The sky’s the limit!

Want To Know More?

If you have any questions about skydiving, what we can do for you, the bottling process or your order we would love to hear from you!